European technology to catalyse electrification of chemical industry


A consortium led by TNO (The Netherlands) and formed by VITO (Belgium), Avantium (The Netherlands), INSTM (Italy), Gensoric (Germany), Hysytech (Italy), Sustainable Innovations (Spain), Perstorp (Sweden), University of Hohenheim (Germany), Radici Chimica (Italy), AVA Biochem (Switzerland) and Novamont (Italy) will work for 48 months in order to develop and build an electrochemical pilot reactor, a direct conversion to the targeted products.


PERFORM is expected to contribute to technology development to reduce the environmental impact of the chemical industry. The technology developed in PERFORM will reduce CO2 emissions from the production of chemicals due to the efficient utilization of renewable biobased feedstocks and renewable energy. It will also be essential for a future sustainable society that uses local resources

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Increase efficiency
Increase ressource efficiency
Reduce CO2 emmisions


The month-12 General Assembly meeting of the PERFORM project took place in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on 30 and 31 January, 2020.

Roman Latsuzbaia, Electrochemical Process Scientist at TNO, attended the 12th European Congress of Chemical Engineering to update the industry on the latest news of the PERFORM project. The audience, gathered together in Florence (Italy) September 15-19, received information on the electrochemical production of biobased maleic acid from Roman. PERFORM is expected to reduce the environmental...

In the occasion of the 70th annual meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, Roman Latsuzbaia, Electrochemical Process Scientist at TNO, presented the PERFORM project to the audience.


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