As coordinator and technology developer, TNO will have two major roles in the project. TNO has a broad experience in European projects, (> 100 FP5, FP6 and FP7 and H2020 projects) both as coordinator and as partner and/or WP leader in the development of new technology. A senior project manager will be supported by other TNO departments, such as IP & Contracts, Patents & Licensing, and Financial Control. This will ensure that the administration of the project is effective and efficient and that partners can be advised whenever needed. On the technology side, TNO is co-founder of the VoltaChem program on the electrification of the chemical industry ( and of the Biorizon Shared research centre for development of technology for functionalized bio-based aromatics for performance materials, chemicals & catings ( Through these two programs, highly relevant expertise and a substantial experimental infrastructure have been built up for the development of electrochemical processes and recovery of bio-based products. These expertise and facilities will be directly used in WP3 of PERFORM to meet the project objectives while further enhancing our know-how through the scale-up to the TRL6 PowerPlatform in WP4.
VITO is a leading European independent research and consultancy centre in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development. It has a dedicated research program around the theme ‘Sustainable Chemistry’ with special focus on the integration of separation processes with chemical, microbial, enzymatic or bio-electrochemical conversion processes, and on development of electrochemical processes. VITO is recognized for the development of low cost and efficient electrodes and membranes as well as their upscaling (m² scale). Besides, VITO has large experience in separation and downstream processing including of electro-membrane processes such as electrodialysis, electro-membrane filtration, capacitive de-ionization and reverse electrodialysis. In PERFORM, VITO will bring their expertise with electrode development & upscaling in WP2 as well as product separation in WP3 to develop and complement the PowerPlatform.
Avantium is a leading chemical technology company and a forerunner in renewable chemistry. AVT has been developing an equipment platform to investigate electrocatalytic reactions. The combination of this platform with the already present high throughput technologies and extensive knowledge on catalysis is very powerful in the development of electrocatalytic processes. In addition, Avantium has recently acquired the assets from Liquid Light, a US based company that developed an advanced electrochemical technology platform. The combination of this state-of-the-art technology platform with its expertise in catalysis makes Avantium a strong partner in the catalyst and technology development in WP2 of PERFORM. Moreover, AVT has developed several bio-based processes, which have the potential to become a bio-refinery to produce bio-based chemicals that will be applied in WP1. The technology developed in PERFORM is complementary to this bio refinery.
INSTM, the National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology, is the largest consortium of its kind in Italy, drawing on the expertise of no less than 47 universities – and all those that are active in Italy in researching advanced materials and technologies. The unit of research (UdR) involved in this project is located at the University of Messina (UdR ME), specifically, CASPE (Laboratory of catalysis for sustainable energy) located at the Depts ChiBioFarAm and MIFT, (Sect Industrial Chemistry), Italy. The activities of UdR ME will be centred on the development of the electrocatalysts for the selective hydrodeoxydation/hydrogenolysis of glucaric acid to adipic acid and for selective hydrogenation of levulinic acid to valeric acid as part of WP2 of PERFORM.
The University of Hohenheim is a campus university located in the south of Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1818, it is Stuttgart's oldest university. Its primary areas of specialisation had traditionally been agricultural and natural sciences. Today, however, the majority of its students are enrolled in one of the many study programs offered by the faculty of business, economics and social sciences. The faculty has regularly been ranked among the best in the country, making the University of Hohenheim one of Germany's top-tier universities in these fields.The university maintains academic alliances with a number of partner universities and is involved in numerous joint research projects. In this project, HOH will be responsible for WP5: Process assessment)
Hysytech is an engineering company founded in 2003, in Turin (Italy). Hysytech provides high quality engineering solutions and customized technical services to its clients, through advanced innovation engineering, cutting-edge R&D activities and strong manufacturing know-how. Hysytech has become leader in the field of chemical and process engineering for multiple industrial processes, with recognised expertise on chemical processes, power generation, energy efficiency. HST is a company specialized in the development, design, scale-up manufacturing, certification and operation of first of a kind plants. It is a core technology developer for reformers, fuel cells, electrolysers and BOP components, service supplier in research, engineering, production and stationary&dynamic application level; supplier of components, test bench, pilot plants and prototypes. HST will design and manufacture the PowerPlatform in WP4 of Perform Project.
Perstorp is one of the world leading specialty chemical companies focusing on sustainable coating, adhesives, feed and food and plastic material market segments. Our ambition is to achieve finite free material production at Perstorp in year 2030. We develop continuously new products and application based on sustainable raw material and energy. Green chemicals produced via electrochemical route create valuable assets along the development path and toward fulfilment of the ambition. In PERFORM Perstorp will contribute with formulation testing of the produced material and being an expert on what is relevant on industrial scale in WP5.
RadiciGroup's diversified businesses operate worldwide and are focused on: Specialty Chemicals, High Performance Polymers, Advanced Textile Solutions. Synergistic vertical integration, of polyamide production in particular, is one of RadiciGroup's strengths. Indeed, the Group has total control over its production chain, from chemical intermediates, such as adipic acid , to polyamides 6 and 6. 6, engineering polymers and synthetic yarn . Technological innovation aimed at improving and optimizing the traditional adipic acid and nitric acid production processes, new plant construction, research and development of new sustainable processes, combined with managerial and technical competence, flexibility and immediate response to the needs of the market, are the key elements of success driving the growth of in the chemicals sector. As main European players of adipic acid production, Radici provides in project an extensive experience in the definition of quality ,handling, use and marketing of adipic acid.
AVA Biochem is a specialty chemicals company and produces the premium platform chemical 5- Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) from renewable biomass. AVA’s major task will be the analysis of the economic viability of the processes tested. This will be in WP 6 with AVA being the WP leader. Analysis will include market evaluation and competitive routes.
Founded in 1989, NOVAMONT is now worldwide leader in the sector of bioplastics and involved in the development of bioproducts such as biolubricants, biochemicals and cosmetic ingredients from renewable sources. NOVAMONT’s mission is to develop materials and biochemicals through the integration of chemistry and agriculture, by starting up biorefineries in the local areas and providing application solutions that ensure efficient use of resources throughout their entire life cycle, with advantages for the social, economic and environmental system. In WP5 of PERFORM, NOVAMONT will validate the biobased building blocks from PERFORM technology into the formulation of biobased and biodegradable polymers.
SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS EUROPE is a Spanish consultancy company which provides innovative services to a wide range of sectors across Europe: bio-based industry, renewable energy, advanced materials, among others. The core competencies offered by Sustainable Innovations Europe are structured in three main pillars which bridge the gap between ideas to market: Innovation Management, Market Uptake of Innovative Solutions and Capacity Building