Sonication and Microwave Processing of Material Feedstock (SIMPLIFY) is an innovation action in which leading European industries and university groups in process intensification, ultrasound, microwave, multiphase processes, polymerization and crystallization team up to address the domain of electrification of chemical industry. In four years, a consortium of 11 European organizations, led by KU Leuven, will focus on intensified processes, where alternative energy sources enable flexible continuous technologies to achieve localized ultrasound and microwave actuation of multiphase, flow reactors powered by electricity from renewable sources for the purpose of high-value product synthesis.

The LIBERATE project aims at designing of an electrochemical plant to demonstrate the commercial opportunities of converting low cost lignin feedstock in high value bio sustainable chemicals such as vanillin, antioxidants or polyamide.

The DESTINY project aims to realize a functional, green and energy saving, scalable and replicable solution, employing microwave energy for continuous material processing in energy intensive industries. The target is to develop and demonstrate a new concept of firing for granular feedstock to realize material transformation using full microwave heating as alternative energy source and complement to the existing conventional production. The DESTINY system is conceived as cellular kilns in a mobile modular plant with significant advantages in terms of resource and energy efficiency, flexibility, replicability, scalability and a reduced environmental footprint.